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About Ron’s Journey From Wheelchair To Millionaire

Just a few days before first reporting for military duty, Ron Douglas broke his back at the age of eighteen while racing a car on the street. Paralyzed from the waist down, he refused to give up and spent many a sleepless nights just trying to get his toes to move. Six months later Ron was walking again and nearing a full recovery. This experience set the tone for the “not giving up” attitude he has carried with him throughout his life.

By nineteen Ron was a Prison Guard and by age twenty he had been promoted to the Riot Team. He had the experience of working Death Row for a short time as well. This gave Ron quite an interesting perspective on life! Finding himself in a financial pinch while working at the prison, Ron took on a second job at a junkyard.  He absolutely hated it and was given a way out by the owner who showed him how to make money by fixing up old cars and selling them for profit.

  He quickly learned that this was a profitable business and was soon making more money from fixing cars and selling them than he was at his prison job. By twenty-four he had finally had enough, so he quit his prison job. Looking to do something he was passionate about, he then started a classic car restoration company. His love for cars quickly became a successful business. When he was twenty-six, Ron decided to sell the car restoration company and move to Colorado.  This was just the beginning! 

Having owned over FORTY companies, Ron has been interviewed numerous times from BYU to New York Times! He starred in a show on Discovery Channel called Blue Collar Backers where he helped struggling business owners get a second chance at business. 


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He would like to mention his new website, Mentoring Giants, to help people that need business advice. This is a closed group that Ron manages personally and meets with the group via zoom or Facebook regularly to answer questions about business. 

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